Tool to Fix Partially Downloaded Video File

Though downloading a video is simple but there are some instances wherein downloaded video files in mobile phones or computer from the internet might not play. This is because the video gets partially downloaded due to: Poor network or browse issues while downloading video files Sudden shutdown of computer or power failure while downloading videosRead More

PST File Empty

Have you ever noticed that your PST file is displaying 0KB? This is generally caused when your PST file is corrupted or damaged. What will be your next step? Does that mean that your PST file cannot be accessed at all? Well, don’t worry of losing anything; because there is a facility of inbox repairRead More

How to Partition a Hard Drive using CMD

Windows Disk Management tool provides easy way to manage your hard disks. Since, Disk Management is a visual tool and most of them uses Command Based interfaces to see how Disk Management actions can be done using Command Prompt with the help of DiskPart and other command-line tools. However, in this page you will learnRead More

Application to Convert Orphaned OST to PST file on Windows

When you are making use of MS Outlook OST file due to some reason your OST file becomes orphaned and your OST file becomes inaccessible so that you cannot able to access the data present in OST file, but using conversion process of OST file to PST we can access the content present in OSTRead More

simple Method to Retrieve the Mails from Archive PST

In Outlook application, we save the mails, contacts, task and some other items in PST file but it has some size limit so we convert the PST file to archive so that we can save the space. In some case, we cannot able to access the mails from those PST archive due to some unknowingRead More

Application Which Fix and Play the MP4 File on Windows 10

Some people say, after the upgrade of Windows OS to Windows 10 we cannot able to play the MP4 video file on default Windows Media Player. MP4 video file consist of audio / video codec, subtitle and some more, when you cannot able to play the MP4 file on WMP then may be your MP4Read More

Technique to Fix Outlook 2016 PST File

Sometimes when you want to perform operation on Outlook application, you face some issue and could not able to access the Outlook 2016 PST file on your Windows system. This is occurred due to MS Outlook 2016 PST file damage or corruption caused due to some unknowing reasons. Let us discuss the scenarios for OutlookRead More

How to Solve Outlook Virus Sending Emails

In MS Outlook application, when user send the email to the recipient with large attachment then emails gets struck in MS Outlook folder but the emails has been delivered to the recipients with many copies of the same emails. This problem is caused when the Outlook gets infected with harmful virus or malware. How yourRead More

Some Details about Evolving of Computer and Better Understanding of Our Economy

The broader technology world and Microchips might experience the shift significant. Moore’s law was named after the Intel inventor Gordon Moore when they are increasing complex micro processing demands are accompanied by the tech trends like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This might be appropriate in context of shift towards the regenerative economic modelRead More

In Agriculture How we Can Use Wastewater

On 19 January 2017 in Rome With water scarcity and food demand, it is the time to stop treating the wastewater as garbage and it can be used to grow the crop and help us in water scarcity in agriculture. Waste water can be used to support for production of crop directly for the irrigationRead More