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Trending Information About Mobile Technology 2017

Trending Information About Mobile Technology 2017

Year 2016 gives enough clues so that users can guess about what’s ahead. However, we don’t see huge evolution in the mobile technology last year but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any surprises this year. As we observe that in recent years, mobile has taken place of laptops and desktops. And there would not be any downfall in the mobile technology. It is continuously rising with best and advanced features every year. It helps or motivate developers to improve handsets capabilities and develop innovative applications. According to reports, developers look out to enhance the trends in mobile technology this year. Some of the trending innovation in mobile technology is mentioned below:

Keeping data secure

Most of applications in mobile store data that we provide during sign-in. At present, user of smartphones adds or store highly sensitive data, credit card information, personal contacts, password, etc. So, it is mandatory for developers to design application which remove risk to store data on mobile phones and creates healthy reputation among the users.

AR and AI goes mobile

Few years back, Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile phones intended to attract attention of users just like the most popular in Xbox games. But it is expected now that it would connect users in mass level because they start to integrate with the utility based applications. AR goes to integrate with maps and home decorating platforms. With this technology, you are able to connect with retail businesses that allows user to real experience of shopping without leaving home.


IoT app integration develops

Internet of Things is one of the most trending technology emerged in year 2016. It connects with modern users in order to trip themselves with smart houses like gadgets or any form of technology that uses internet connectivity. The developers make active participation by designing new products which is integrated with internet of things. We are going to see apps in future which are using IoT connectivity in many industries.

Small business apps

In Recent years, almost all well-known consumer businesses have their own application. With the personal consumer business application, you are able to create interest, engagement and also revenue from consumer easily. According to recent research, it is found that a quarter of millennials always prefer to shop through the retail application.

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